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I have mixed feelings about the blackout today but I thought I should let you guys know that I think you’re misunderstanding the way ratings work and why even if all of you stop watching it probably wont make a dent in the ratings.

Unless you have a Nielsen box, you are not counted as a viewer. 

TV ratings in the US are collected by keeping track of the viewing habits of only a certain number of people, which when taken together, are supposed to represent the population as a whole. Sort of like how polls work. People/families are chosen at random and have to go through a qualifying process to be tracked by Nielsen.

The ratings do not take into account every single person that watches. So not watching will not make a difference unless you are one of the people who are tracked.

You are still counted when it comes to DVR and internet views, though.

the sterek fandom right now



  • Dylan when sterek: it would have been great to have a scene where derek takes care of stiles also an 'I missed you' scene hoechlin and I were discussing and-*proceeds to go in depth of a sterek scene or interaction in general while hoechlin nods like a good husband*
  • Dylan when stalia:
  • Dylan when stalia:
  • Dylan when stalia: yeah
  • Dylan when stalia: me2
  • Dylan when stalia: sex doesn't fly with me tho


Tyler Hoechlin about how would Derek’s perfect date be. (aka the time Dylan became the voice of the fandom) +